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Position Opening: Assistant Prosecutor

The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) is an independent agency of the Republic of Palau charged with prosecuting cases of government corruption, white collar crime, and matters that present a conflict of interest for the Office of the Attorney General. The OSP currently seeks a qualified attorney to join the office as an Assistant Prosecutor. Qualified candidates will have a J.D. from an ABA accredited law school and be an active member of the bar (any U.S. jurisdiction) or active member of any other foreign country accredited by the prevailing accrediting agency in the country where the law school is credited. The position requires a commitment for a two-year contract term. Attorneys licensed in the United States, its territories, or other foreign countries are exempted from taking the Palau Bar exam for the first 4 years of government service provided such attorney remains a member in good standing in his/her home jurisdiction.

The ideal candidate will have a strong academic background and the demonstrated ability to produce high quality written work. Moreover, a successful candidate must be able to work effectively independently or with a diverse team, analyze complex legal issues, and meet deadlines. A background in criminal law is preferred with a focus on public integrity cases and white-collar crime. Experience living abroad is helpful but not required. Someone who is curious, likes to piece together puzzles, and brainstorm to find solutions is desirable. If offered a position from outside the Republic of Palau, travel from your point of recruitment to Palau will be covered along with up to $200 moving expenses included in the contract on a reimbursement basis for and individual/$350 moving expenses for an employee with dependents. The yearly salary is $62,000.12 per year with no separate stipend for housing.

The Republic of Palau is located approximately 600 miles east of the Philippines. Palau is a country in free association with the United States and uses US currency and the US postal system. Palau is renowned for its outdoor life. There is excellent scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, and snorkelling, which are all readily accessible. Please keep in mind moving to Palau requires flexibility in dealing with limited infrastructure and communications capabilities. However, one of the great benefits of living in the area is the ability to access the broader region near Palau such as Taiwan, Philippines, Guam, Japan, Thailand, and China.

Applications will be accepted beginning June 18, 2021, until the position is filled.

Please submit your resume, cover letter, and writing sample in PDF format to: April Dawn Cripps, Special Prosecutor, Also send a letter of good standing for all jurisdictions where you are barred. If selected, you will need to submit a criminal background check and be prepared to submit three references.

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