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OSP Coordinates “Exercise Tempest Wind” Workshop with LIVE STREAM by PNCC Live on YouTube

KOROR, PALAU – On Tuesday August 31, 2021, the OSP will be hosting an interactive workshop to address the processing of off-island sources of funding and use of such funding within the Republic.  The workshop focuses on the processing and administering of funding obtained from the US for the US PACOM exercise held in 2015 called Exercise Tempest Wind.  Exercise Tempest Wind was conducted by a joint partnership between the US Marines, US Coast Guard, Joint Interagency Task Force West (“JIATF”), and the US FBI.

The OSP is hosting the Workshop in partnership with the Office of the Public Auditor, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Human Resources, Culture, Tourism & Development.  Together the trainers and participants will discuss Exercise Tempest Wind 2015, errors in the use of Exercise Tempest Wind funding, and solutions to past errors applicable to current governmental practices, concluding with a Q & A discussion on ethics.

The Workshop will be held in two sessions at the Palau National Civic Hall in Koror to accommodate all current government employees who participated in Exercise Tempest Wind 2015. The first session will be held from 9:00 – 11:30 am followed by a second session from 1:00 – 3:30 pm. 

PNCC graciously accepted to LIVE STREAM the morning session. Please join us on PNCC Live on YouTube on Tuesday August 31, 2021, for a LIVE STREAM of the morning session starting at 9 am.