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Farewell to Special Prosecutor April Dawn Cripps

KOROR, PALAU – The Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) bids a fond farewell to former Special Prosecutor April Dawn Cripps, whose five year contract came to a conclusion on August 6, 2023.

Ms. Cripps leaves behind a legacy of convictions on cases against government officials and private individuals involving misconduct in public office, theft of government property in the first degree, ethics violations based on misuse of government funds and property as well as conflicts of interest, supporting unlawful gambling, supporting prostitution in the second degree, and failure to pay taxes, to name a few. Her leadership in the OSP and ongoing training of staff led to a winning formula benefiting all of Palau.

In addition, Ms. Cripps promoted public outreach through workshops and state visits regarding corruption, its cost to the public, and methods to fight corruption.  Outreach also involved workshops with youth from various Palau high schools and Palau Community College in the ongoing fight against corruption seeking their input and encouraging their future involvement in anti-corruption activities.

Under Ms. Cripps tutelage, the OSP received ongoing training from and partnered with the UNODC, UN-PRAC, various US agencies including but not limited to the DEA, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Secret Service, Department of Treasury, and the Oceana Engagement Team in Palau. We also received training assistance from the US Embassy and Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy. Various ROP agencies and individuals also partnered with the OSP during Ms. Cripps’ 5-year term that enabled our office to be successful.

Best wishes, Ms. Cripps, and thank you for your courage and service to the People of Palau. You will be missed.

Inia Rakaria Tikomaimaleya
Assistant Special Prosecutor
Republic of Palau